2016 Pantry Notes

2016 was another great year for my pantry! Included are my notes on quantities of preserved produce throughout each month.

On Homesteading

I want to expand on what urban homesteading means for me. Homesteading is a life that can be built one small piece, basil plant, or bike commute at a time.

All the Meals of the Week

I’ve listed everything we made and ate last week, including each breakfast, lunch, dinner, and projects along with serving sizes for a peek into how we really eat all week long!

Garden Update: August 2016

A large tomato harvest came and went, sun loving plants like okra and eggplant have begun producing fruits, and planted the first succession of fall roots and cooler weather herbs.

Dried Herbs

I can finally create my own dried herbs for winter seasoning or herbal infusions. I’ve been drying rosemary, sage, oregano, lavender, and more.

Pantry Notes: 2015

Here is a rough outline on the food that I ate, gathered, grew, and put up for storage throughout the year. I’ve been using this as a guide to remember and update recipes and gauge how much food to make in 2016. It’s pretty cool to reflect on the variety and quantity of great foods I was able to receive last year.