October-November Garden Update

October was a productive month from the garden, and we harvested our last crops of chiles, okra, basil, and squashes. I kept many plants in the ground through mid October, and was happy to use homegrown basil, chiles, and other herbs in the dishes of my first pop up Old Line Supper Club, as well as…

Garden Update: September 2016

This month I’ve started to transition my space into fall planting. I’m starting cooler weather greens and herbs, as well as some root vegetables.

On Homesteading

I want to expand on what urban homesteading means for me. Homesteading is a life that can be built one small piece, basil plant, or bike commute at a time.

Garden Update: August 2016

A large tomato harvest came and went, sun loving plants like okra and eggplant have begun producing fruits, and planted the first succession of fall roots and cooler weather herbs.

Dried Herbs

I can finally create my own dried herbs for winter seasoning or herbal infusions. I’ve been drying rosemary, sage, oregano, lavender, and more.

Garden Salsa

This Saturday Baltimore had a storm of epic proportions. On Sunday I noticed that many tomatoes had swelled with water and cracked from the moisture. When life cracks your tomatoes, you can make salsa.

Garden Update: July 2016

The garden is a straight up jungle right now, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be eating food that began as a tiny seed in March!