My Year of the Cucumber

I feel grateful for the cucumbers. I killed my tomatoes this year. There, I said it. I think it was a combination of poor transplant timing, a non-gardener house sitter, and the persistent rain this year, but they seemed like they barely stood a chance. Maybe it’s just as well – I am usually cursing…

Ramps in the city

It’s something of a contradiction to grow ramps in the city. They are delicate, wild forest plants, and I feel a little strange cultivating them in the shadowy part of a very small garden, surrounded by a sea of pavement. Even out of place, they still hold magic—ramps are a precious chimerical treat! They appear…

Last Harvest, First Harvest

It seemed fitting to cook the last fresh harvest of 2017 on the day of my first harvest of 2018—a cycle completing itself. 

Green Tomato Casserole

This casserole is incredibly decadent, with layers of crisp, tangy green tomatoes plus rich pimiento style cheese and cheesy breadcrumbs. A great dish to say farewell to fall and settle into winter — I promise you, this is delicious. 

October – November Garden Update

Tomorrow night I’m expecting our first big freeze (we haven’t even had a frost), and so yesterday I put in time to harvest the last of my vegetables and herbs. 

Garden Update: June – July 2017

I had big plans for the garden this summer that have been tempered a bit so far. But the plants are alive and feeding us. What a happy summer!

May Garden Update

Our urban garden has been soaking up the sun and rain and the spring harvest is in full swing with lots of mixed salad greens, herbs, and radishes. Peas, beets, and cilantro are on the horizon!

Garden Update: April 2017

Spring is happening! The weather has warmed up and all of my plants are coming up so quickly. This time of year it feels really shocking and amazing to go from a few lackluster houseplants to beds full of tiny green sprouts full of potential.

Further Reading

Here are some great reads I’ve gotten into over the past few weeks, including many about creative farming and reflections on the future of our food systems.

Garden Update: February-March 2017

The weather has been unseasonably warm for the past month or so in Maryland, but the garden still mostly looks like it is winter. I finally got around to expanding our garden beds and have been double digging the beds to incorporate leaves, compost, and hopefully soon, some additional soil. Our beds are now about…

Herbal Tea Blends

I made some herbal tea blends that I’ve enjoyed immensely! I’m looking forward to growing and drying more herbs for tea and cooking next year.

Garden Update: December & January

Now that the new year has officially come, it’s time to reflect on the last garden season’s successes and plan for next year’s veggies.