Foraged Flowers

I love foraging for flowers in the city – there are many lovelies growing in plain sight!

Ramps in the city

It’s something of a contradiction to grow ramps in the city. They are delicate, wild forest plants, and I feel a little strange cultivating them in the shadowy part of a very small garden, surrounded by a sea of pavement. Even out of place, they still hold magic—ramps are a precious chimerical treat! They appear…

Wineberry Hike

This past weekend we went on a family foraging outing for wineberries! Jake, Major and I went out for a morning hike to gather wineberries along a trail in Baltimore County.

Mulberry Harvest!

Mulberries are sweet and subtle, great for jam or jelly. It’s rewarding to get a special fruit for the hard work of harvesting.