Spring Radish Kimchi

One of my favorite things about spring is the abundance of radishes. This radish kimchi was my first preparation for our wedding reception!

Cultured Vegan Cashew Cheese

Plant-based food can be savory, creamy and cheesy. A brief cashew fermentation develops deep savory flavors that can’t be beaten.

2016 Pantry Notes

2016 was another great year for my pantry! Included are my notes on quantities of preserved produce throughout each month.

Cranberry Kombucha

 I look forward to cranberry season each fall; the tart, astringent berries are a real treat! Although there are always cranberries in the freezer section, I prefer to buy them in season to save money and appreciate a special fruit of the fall. Around the holidays I like to make several cranberry concotions, including the…