Good Health—Wassail!

This little apple tree has my heart, hidden away on Light street behind a brick wall and some brambles. I’m not sure what kind of apple tree lives there, but I do know they make good cider, applesauce, and we’ve eaten a fair share out of hand.

Garden Update: April 2017

Spring is happening! The weather has warmed up and all of my plants are coming up so quickly. This time of year it feels really shocking and amazing to go from a few lackluster houseplants to beds full of tiny green sprouts full of potential.


Apple season is upon us! In Baltimore apples are ripening this month, while up north apples are will be arriving through November. I’m super excited to make all the appley goodness including cider, cider jelly, apple pies, and applesauce. I’ll also be teaching a hands on applesauce workshop next Wednesday, September 21 with the Baltimore…

Mulberry Harvest!

Mulberries are sweet and subtle, great for jam or jelly. It’s rewarding to get a special fruit for the hard work of harvesting.