Applesauce Canning

This past Saturday I taught a Canning 101 and Applesauce Workshop in partnership with the Baltimore City Orchard Project. I have posted an applesauce canning recipe before but wanted to revisit the process with this post, including more extensive canning resources. Canning is a great tool for preserving bumper crops of apples, pears, tomatoes, and…

Hummus & Simple Comforts

I wanted to write a simple hummus recipe, the kind of comfort that is easy to come by. Homemade is better, forgiving, and perfect.

Garden Update: August-September

Harvest has finally come to my garden! In the middle of summer, I felt hot and tired from the work the plants required without giving much back. But, a turn of cooler weather has given the garden just enough relief to produce a glorious last flush of summer vegetables while giving some cooler weather plants…

Baltimore Buy Local Challenge: Saturday, July 29 & Sunday July 30

Weekend markets are the best opportunity to buy local produce, meat, and cheese directly from the best sources. This weekend, head to the markets for high summer produce shopping season. Almost everything imaginable is on offer!This week, try some summer favorites with seasonal vegetables, like Caponata with eggplant, Latkes with  zucchini and carrot, or Tabbouleh with greens and…

Summer Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is my favorite. It always has been. This cake featured fresh summer carrots – their sweetness inspired me to celebrate them in this cake. Summer has much to offer!

Baltimore Buy Local Challenge: Thursday, July 27

I didn’t give much thought to the source of restaurant food until I began working in food, even if only tangentially, a few years ago. While I have never worked in a restaurant, I learned at least that restaurants buy their ingredients – meats, vegetables, flour, butter, prepared foods, what have you – in different…

Baltimore Buy Local Challenge: Tuesday, July 25

Tuesdays are my CSA day! We’ve had the One Straw Farm CSA for three seasons, and have always been happy to sign up each season. When we first moved to Baltimore, we moved away from our neighbor’s overflowing gardens, and so decided to look into a CSA. After some initial research, we realized that most…

Baltimore Buy Local Guide: Saturday, July 22

Today is the first day of the Maryland Buy Local challenge! All of the summer’s glorious produce is on display and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with local farmers and makers. Here’s some of my Baltimore Saturday favorite farmers and summer recipes!

Garden Update: June – July 2017

I had big plans for the garden this summer that have been tempered a bit so far. But the plants are alive and feeding us. What a happy summer!

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad

This is delicious. It’s good hot, cold, and with chips, and holds up well for a packed lunch or a potluck – a real make-ahead winner!