Finding Peace in Practice

I’ve always had trouble with practice. I love learning new things, starting new projects, and following creative rabbit holes wherever they may lead! I’m excited by life, making messes, and SO many hobbies. But when it comes time for practice – perfecting a recipe, improving upon technical details, crossing t’s and dotting i’s – I struggle. It’s…

Spring Equinox Rye Juniper ‘Doppelbock’

It’s finally Spring! At this equinox, I’ve been feeling the revolutions of the year. One year ago my sojourn to Ireland was ending, and I’ve been having vivid memories of the trip. Wet weather, Atlantic fog, daffodils, border collies, warm steamy windows, rocky beaches, turf smoke, wool socks, friendly pubs. I remember feeling the same Spring…

Late Winter Eats

Winter is coming to a close, but it’s not quite over yet, and it’s been a strange journey of very cold and warm temperature swings. It’s been very gray here in Baltimore for the past week, although it feels like it’s been gray for the past few months. I’ve been trying to stave off the…

Winter Homestead Supper

I began hosting Homestead Suppers on the intuition that I would enjoy making creative food, welcoming curious eaters into my home, and providing a delicious and welcoming service experience. As I’ve continued to host my supper series these goals have come true beyond what I imagined was possible: Homestead Suppers are intimate, personal, and full…

Last Harvest, First Harvest

It seemed fitting to cook the last fresh harvest of 2017 on the day of my first harvest of 2018—a cycle completing itself. 

Good Health—Wassail!

This little apple tree has my heart, hidden away on Light street behind a brick wall and some brambles. I’m not sure what kind of apple tree lives there, but I do know they make good cider, applesauce, and we’ve eaten a fair share out of hand.

Birthday Resolutions

On my birthday I get to thinking what life I’d like to live in my next year around the sun. This year, I am working to feel that I am enough. 

Pulled Pork & Sweet Potato Pie

A couple weeks ago I was gifted some beautiful purple-fleshed sweet potatoes by my colleague who owns Roberts Roost Farm. After trying a few simply diced and steamed, I was amazed that their rich, deep, beautiful purple hue stayed so vibrant alongside their deliciously sweet flavor! I started dreaming about what I might be able…

Green Tomato Casserole

This casserole is incredibly decadent, with layers of crisp, tangy green tomatoes plus rich pimiento style cheese and cheesy breadcrumbs. A great dish to say farewell to fall and settle into winter — I promise you, this is delicious. 

Wild Herbal Mead

Any homebrewer or aspiring homebrewer can make mead, that honey elixir of the Nordic gods! Mead is a simple mix of honey and water, fermented into a wine-like drink.

October – November Garden Update

Tomorrow night I’m expecting our first big freeze (we haven’t even had a frost), and so yesterday I put in time to harvest the last of my vegetables and herbs.