Homestead Supper

Homestead Supper, Saturday, February 17th, 7 pm

Fells Point, Baltimore

Revel in a winter feast! These dark winter months call for communion over good food, bright drinks, and warm candlelight. Join me for a Homestead Supper on Saturday, February 17th to shake off winter’s chill and celebrate the coming spring!

Our evening will include a delightful meal full of locally grown winter fare and handcrafted cocktails hosted in our cozy Fells Point home. Enjoy four courses and drink pairings, including homemade pretzels, rich pozole, rum cake, and more!

$25 | $40 with cocktail pairings, cider, and beer

Email Caiti Sullivan @caitisullivan to reserve your space. Most dietary requirements can be easily accommodated; please email Work and in-kind trades are available for seasonally-grown produce and photography.

Homestead Supper is a dinner gathering celebrating life and locally grown, seasonal food. Each meal takes a theme emphasizing the seasons of life, cycles of the earth, and the meaning of food and nourishment. Homestead Suppers are hosted in homes; an intimate location for meaningful meals. We source produce and grains locally and in season to explore the true potential of our foodshed.

We hope you will join us for meals that are delicious and one of a kind. Sign up for emails updates on future Supper Club dates and information and check out past Supper Clubs installments:

Cheers! -Caiti


Photo by Miranda Ellis Hontz