Homestead Supper

Our next event: Farm Supper at Yellow House Farm!

Celebrate fall and the turn of seasons with a delicious Farm Supper at Yellow House Farm! Join us in the garden on Saturday, October 27th at 5pm.

Yellow House Farm grows vegetables, herbs, and fruit in the Cedmont neighborhood of Baltimore City (near Hamilton). Our evening will begin with a farm tour and light fare. The three-course supper and handcrafted drinks to follow will reflect the seasons for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Our locally sourced menu will include highlights such as seasonal kraut, peach-braised pork, and scratch-made creme brulee. Full details coming soon—check out the Facebook event for more details!

Homestead Supper is a dinner gathering celebrating life and locally grown, seasonal food. Each meal takes a theme emphasizing the seasons of life, cycles of the earth, and the meaning of food and nourishment. Homestead Suppers are hosted in homes; an intimate location for meaningful meals. We source produce and grains locally and in season to explore the true potential of our foodshed.

We hope you will join us for meals that are delicious and one of a kind. Sign up for emails updates on future Supper Club dates and information and check out past Supper Clubs installments:

Cheers! -Caiti


Photo by Miranda Ellis Hontz