Foraged Flowers

I love foraging for flowers in the city – there are many lovelies growing in plain sight!

Baltimore Buy Local Challenge: Saturday, July 29 & Sunday July 30

Weekend markets are the best opportunity to buy local produce, meat, and cheese directly from the best sources. This weekend, head to the markets for high summer produce shopping season. Almost everything imaginable is on offer!This week, try some summer favorites with seasonal vegetables, like Caponata with eggplant, Latkes with  zucchini and carrot, or Tabbouleh with greens and…

Baltimore Buy Local Guide: Saturday, July 22

Today is the first day of the Maryland Buy Local challenge! All of the summer’s glorious produce is on display and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with local farmers and makers. Here’s some of my Baltimore Saturday favorite farmers and summer recipes!

Wineberry Hike

This past weekend we went on a family foraging outing for wineberries! Jake, Major and I went out for a morning hike to gather wineberries along a trail in Baltimore County.

Mulberry Harvest!

Mulberries are sweet and subtle, great for jam or jelly. It’s rewarding to get a special fruit for the hard work of harvesting.