Winter Homestead Supper

I began hosting Homestead Suppers on the intuition that I would enjoy making creative food, welcoming curious eaters into my home, and providing a delicious and welcoming service experience. As I’ve continued to host my supper series these goals have come true beyond what I imagined was possible: Homestead Suppers are intimate, personal, and full of delightful homemade, local, and seasonal food and drink. I feel incredibly honored to serve friends that attend with lovingly made food that is my ultimate personal expression.

Winter Homestead Supper, hosted on February 17 in Fells Point, Baltimore, featured local winter storage crops from the farmer members of Chesapeake Farm to Table plus pantry stores that I put up throughout the season, including salsas, pickles, cranberry vinegar, peach jam, miso, and caponata. I find it truly magical in winter to open a jar, deep from the basement, and reveal the bright, fresh flavors of summer ready to savor on dark winter nights.

It is especially important to gather on dark, winter days for camaraderie and fellowship, celebrating the near end of winter and coming spring. For me, winter gatherings provide light and joy during a time when my spirits can be low in the cold, dark season.

With that in mind, I looked to traditional winter celebrations to inspire the feast! Many dishes were based on a meal I cooked a few years ago with a Mexican neighbor. She and I were cooking a neighborhood feast to celebrate Candlemas, the Catholic feast of light on February 2nd. She taught me to make traditional Mexican pozole roja as well as taquitos and salsa verde that I’ve loved ever since.

Over time I’ve learned that there are many cultures that have late winter feast celebrations—final gatherings that revel in the hope and dream of spring. Candlemas, Mardi Gras, the Celtic Imbolc, and others all celebrate this coming of the light, and inspired my ginger ‘king cake’ and deviled potatoes, reminiscent of fresh spring eggs.

We had a lovely meal complete with beautiful baked goods, fantastic craft cocktails, and a very cozy table. Many thanks to all that attended! I’m already looking forward to our next dinner, likely in May. I am also forever grateful to my fantastic team of dear friends, including my husband Jake (baker and co-brewer), Ian (cocktails and prep), and Patrick (host and Maître d’hôtel). Our Winter Homestead supper was certainly a reminder that I’d be nothing without my loved ones. Happy spring, and bon appétit!


February 17, 2018, Menu 

Scandinavian flu killer aquavit, grapefruit, ginger beer
sourdough pretzels with cheddar rarebit
semolina crostini with caponata
twice-baked golden potatoes
pickled okra and dill pickle spears
Lucien Gaudin (1920’s Olympic fencing champ) gin, Cointreau, Campari, vermouth
root vegetable ‘ceviche’ salad
black bean & miso taquitos with salsa verde
pozole rojo (pork or seitan)
with hominy, lettuce & pickled radish
gingerbread cake with peach jam & whipped creme fraiche
coconut & rum or pecan & whiskey truffle
coffee & digestif
digestif bar
Cynar 90
Pedro Ximénez 1827 sweet sherry
Pedro Ximénez Alvear solera 1927


Many thanks to guest Andrew Cosentino for the photos!

Beautiful produce and meats came from the following local farms and suppliers:

  • Chesapeake Farm to Table
  • Good Dog Farm
  • Roberts Roost Farm
  • Funky Funghi
  • Tuscarora Organic Growers
  • John Brown General Butchery
  • One Straw Farm
  • Migrash Farm

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