October – November Garden Update

Fall. I love the idea of fall so much – beautiful leaves, and crisp, cool air. Full moons and golden afternoons. The last race of the harvest against the dwindling daylight, and a bounty of apples, pumpkins, greens, and the last tomatoes come all at once and suddenly winter is approaching.

The past few months (maybe the past year!) have felt somehow exceptionally busier. The few moments where I pause to read a book or cut some flowers, I feel as though there must be something else I’m missing – another task to do. Fall has flown by, and with it, most of my garden for the season! Tomorrow night I’m expecting our first big freeze (we haven’t even had a frost), and so yesterday I put in time to harvest the last of my vegetables and herbs.

Some kale and red-veined sorrel remain, and I expect they will produce for the whole winter. I still have a sunchoke harvest as well – those plants have been crowding their corner of the garden all year, and I’ll be sorely disappointed if they don’t return on their excess! Perhaps we’ll also get a bit more cilantro, mint, sage, and rosemary before winter truly sets in.

I am looking forward to a bit of a break from the garden, and it is mostly put to bed. I took out all of the tomato plants and mulched the kale and perennials heavily to keep them warm. This weekend, I’ll aim to divide my horseradish and yarrow, plus remove all of the chile plants and work a full batch of compost into the soil. I also need to fix the joinery on the compost tumbler…not looking forward to that job!


  • Herbs: lavender, basils, nasturtium, sage, mint, parsley, mugwort
  • Kale!
  • Arugula
  • Sorrel
  • Green Tomatoes
  • Chiles


  • Add compost to soil
  • Divide yarrow, horseradish, and sunchokes
  • Find space for figs, lime, and other plants indoors


  • Gaia’s Garden – hopefully, to plan the next step for my small army of fruit trees!

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