Garden Update: April 2017

Spring is happening! The weather has warmed up and all of my plants are coming up so quickly. This time of year it feels really shocking and amazing to go from a few lackluster houseplants to beds full of tiny green sprouts full of potential.

I’ve been reading a lot about maximizing the potential of our little space, and I’m very excited to try some new techniques to increase our yields and make the most out of our little garden. I’m also looking forward to tending an ever-growing nursery of fruit trees I’ve been accumulating, including fig trees, elderberries, and persimmons. The trees will need somewhere to go eventually…but for now our 5 gallon pots should be enough. I also received some ramps recently through a friend and decided to plant a portion, hoping they will set seed and I can sow even more ramps in the future! Time will tell.

I also picked up some hop rhizomes, including Mount Hood, Chinook, Kent Golding, and Fuggle rhizomes. I am hoping I can grow these in large containers and trellis the on to our built in laundry rack in the back yard. These will be an interesting experiment and I’m curious how they will grow, produce, and perhaps taste in our homebrews if everything goes according to plan!

Jake and I are also getting married very soon, in June (!) and while I won’t be able to grow our own flowers, I’ve been very excited about the prospect of purchasing some locally grown flowers and arranging them ourselves. I have been reading about flowers and practicing arrangements from some flowering neighborhood trees, and I am going to try my hand at a few more flower varieties this year!

There is so much energy in all of the living things and I’m so looking forward to a new Spring season.

Planting and miscellaneous tasks:

  • Planted four hop rhizomes!
  • Tomatoes, peppers, flowers, basil, and more are coming up in seed starter trays
  • Planted ramps
  • Radishes and beets
  • Kale, arugula, and spinach
  • Took cuttings from Concord Grape vines, currants, figs
  • Paw-paw seeds are sprouting
  • Repotting small trees from Baltimore City Forestry Fruit Tree Fair, including a Turkish brown fig tree and American Persimmons
  • Repotting trees from Great Escape Farms including Goumi berries, elderberries, and aronia berry trees


  • Peppermint, spearmint, and anise hyssop
  • Red veined sorrel
  • Sage and Russian tarragon
  • Mugwort shoots for teas
  • Tree blossoms and daffodils for bouquets

To-Do List:

  • Stake peas, perhaps with tomato cages
  • Rampage against radish-leaf eating slugs/bugs that go chomp in the night
  • Build hop trellises
  • Repair fencing on the garden’s north wall
  • Take calendar notes on plant succession for reference next year


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