Garden Update: February-March 2017

The weather has been unseasonably warm for the past month or so in Maryland, but the garden still mostly looks like it is winter.

I finally got around to expanding our garden beds and have been double digging the beds to incorporate leaves, compost, and hopefully soon, some additional soil. Our beds are now about 12X12 feet, for a whopping 144-square foot garden. Although it’s still small, there’s even more potential with more space! I am also looking forward to doing my first test on the soil soon to really pursue a healthy garden!

Seed Ordering

  • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – I prefer SESE for growing in the Mid-Atlantic; they have excellent information on how their varieties suit the region and a lot of great gardening advice in general for the south and Mid Atlantic.
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – large variety of rare and heirloom seeds, interesting varieties from around the country and the world. Most seed descriptions include a photograph for a good idea of what you’ll be growing.
  • Kitazawa Seed Company – great for more rare Asian cultivars of herbs, chiles, and vegetables that make all the difference while cooking Asian cuisines
  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds – many organic varieties with great advice on growing from an employee owned company

A few things I’ve been harvesting:

  • Soil sprouts: lentils, peas, arugula, and kale!
  • Mint
  • Chervil
  • Mugwort
  • Rhubarb

Seeds started:

  • Brassica greens like kale, spinach, mustard, and arugula
  • Herbs like cilantro, dill, marjoram, tarragon
  • Flowers including blue larkspur, cosmos, echinacea
  • Herbs like feverfew, yarrow, chamomile, and wormwood

On my garden to-do list:

  • Find more soil to fill out expanded bed
  • Work in compost and double dig beds
  • Dig walkways
  • Warm the soil with sheet mulch
  • Pot fig trees and other fruit trees into 5 gallon pots
  • Hang tomato and hop trellis supports
  • Direct sow peas and greens
  • Start warm weather seedlings like tomatoes, chiles, and basil

3 Comments Add yours

  1. carolee says:

    Tarragon from seed is not the culinary French Tarragon, but Russian, a rampant, aggressive, self-sowing weed that gets 5′ tall and has no flavor! Sorry…but as a former herb farmer for forty years, I’ve fought seed companies who do not label correctly. Beware! True French Tarragon that you want for cooking is a perennial, only grown from cuttings, not seed.


    1. Caiti Sullivan says:

      Interesting! I’ve been growing tarragon from the same Baker Creek seeds for personal use for a couple years, and have always kept it in a pot so it has never had much chance to take over. I’ve always thought it tasted fine, but thanks for the information for the future! Perhaps I’ll look into sourcing cuttings.


  2. Tara says:

    I love Baker Creek! Just discovered them recently. I’m now inspired to also look more closely at Johnny Selected Seeds you’ve named.


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