2016 Pantry Notes

2016 was another great year for my pantry! Looking back, it feels like in 2015 I experimented with a lot of different produce and recipes, while in 2016 I focused more on making simpler preparations of produce in larger bulk, like peach preserves, cucumber pickles, and whole canned tomatoes. While it feels now like we have a lot of food and beer in the basement and freezer, there are still several winter months ahead, and additional months from there before high summer tomato season. We have a lot of eating to do!

I’m looking forward to preserving in 2017. I feel like I am really starting to learn lessons about what foods we eat often, straightforward and delicious preparations, and different techniques for preserving foods for eating throughout the year. I’m hoping to experiment further with miso, sour beer, and dehydrating as well – lots of adventures await!

Below are my notes on quantities of preserved produce throughout each month, as well as some beers, ciders, and miscellaneous preserves. Sources are sometimes noted. Now, on to next year!



  • 16 oz cashew cheese
  • 1×24 oz Beets & Roots Kimchi (spicy)


  • 5 Gal Flanders Red Ale
    • Recipe American sour ales
  • Cider Lees Pickles
    • Lees from Millstone, root vegetables
  • Salted Cherry Blossoms
    • Foraged in Federal Hill, 1x4oz


  • 7x16oz Orange/Lemon/Cardamom Marmalade
  • 1x24oz Jalepenos and Mixed Vegetable “Escabeche” Ferment
  • 1x16oz Pickled Kumquats & ginger in watermelon vinegar (2015)
    • Purchased in usa citrus florida season, organics
  • 5 Gal beer – Belgian Dark Strong Ale


  • Planted tomatoes, basil, bush beans, Thai long beans, peas, tomatillos, cucumbers, winter squashes, herbs, flowers, arugula, gooseberries
  • 2x16oz brined asparagus
    • From Beverly
  • 1x32oz Sauerkraut w/turmeric, ginger, garlic, and gentian (liver tonic kraut)
  • 1x64oz Frozen large dice parsnips (food salvage)
  • 2x16oz pickled mixed veg – tomatillo, poblano, radish in brine (food salvage)
  • 2x16oz pickled chayote in brine (food salvage)
  • 4x8oz Roasted cherry tomato puree, frozen (food salvage)
  • 7×16 oz cooked rhubarb w/sugar and lemon, frozen
    • From Brody


  • 1 Gal Raspberry Wine
    • Purchased 9 Quarts organics @Mom’s on flash sale
    • Also made 3 Quarts Raspberry ice cubes for smoothies
  • 2 Flats (40 Quarts Strawberries) =
    • Purchased 6/5
    • 2.5 Gal Strawberry wine (+2 cups honey, 2 gal water for strawberry cyser)
    • 15 pints strawberry jams – lavendar, chili, rhubarb
    • 7 quarts frozen cored strawberries
    • 1 pint added to strawberry kimchi


  • 5 Gallons cucumbers (50#?)
    • Pickled in brine, then canned
    • 1.5 gal reserved for relish (live culture)
    • Hope Ridge Organic
  • 25# garden tomatoes canned in pints
  • Peaches 24 pints (2 cases) canned mix of pickles and preserves from market seconds
  • 5 gal Heather Saison beer
  • 4 gal Peach wine from market seconds


  • 80# tomatoes canned whole ($60 for seconds from Jason)
  • 3 gallons corn frozen (one straw)
  • 1 gallon frozen Thai long beans 



  • Apple butter 24×8 oz jars (BOP?)
  • 2 gal frozen broccoli (blanched, florets, One Straw Farm)
  • 5 gallons Pumpkin Ale (bottle blended with Flanders red)
  • ½ pint each dried herbsSage, Rosemary, Marjoram, Oregano, Soft mint (tea), Mint, Holy Basil (tea), Mugwort, Rose petals
  • ½ gallon cooking base each Thai basil & Genovese Basil in cooking oil – frozen by 1 oz cubes


  • 6 gallons canned cranberry sauce (Millstone)
    • 2 additional gallons whole cranberries frozen
  • 5 gallons beer – Scotch Ale
  • ½ gallon Kraut


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