Work to Do

After the events of the week, I am reminded of how much there is to accomplish in life, and how much I hope to do in the world. I value equality and I believe that all people have the right to nourishment of their minds and bodies and a peaceful life. As a young woman I have often felt such rights disrespected, and seen them denied to others in many ways.

I refuse to believe that an equitable and fulfilling future is impossible. With renewed energy, I will continue to do the work I believe can bring about positive change in the world, among other things, including:

I will prepare for next year’s garden. I will fertilize the soil with  my compost, turn the soil, sow a cover crop, and overwinter my fruit trees. I hope to make time to be involved in a community garden in the neighborhood. A new day will blossom. There is nothing better to provide for faith in the future than sowing seeds, which hopefully will continue to flourish long after my time.

I will work further to reduce my environmental impact. I will ride my bike if at all possible, or take the bus, inefficient as it is. I will winterize the house to reduce energy. I will build a second compost tumbler to recycle more scraps into food. I will continue to reduce my consumption of animal products to reduce my contribution to the use of resources consumed by meat production. I will promote thoughtful eating and attempt to show others the delicious wonders of plant based food.

I will support the local food community, and continue to preserve and ferment to eat seasonally year round. I will continue to promote food literacy, food access, nourishment, and self determination. I believe access to land for food production and access to nourishing food – including ferments, year round produce preserves, and plant based proteins – are essential for healthy minds and bodies that advocate for change.

I will find peace. This starts with myself: I must take care of my body, and eat well, exercise, and find relaxation. I prefer low impact exercises like swimming, kayaking, and yoga; Jake prefers running, weight lifting, and biking. Find physical work that makes you strong. I will be kind and spread kindness, and continue to work to understand different points of view. I disagree with many and most people, but a community cannot move forward without respect and understanding – I will try to bring this to my relationships with all people. I will say thank you.

I will always advocate for the equality of women and all people. I will continue to challenge sexism – recognizing it, disavowing sexism, and living the truth that all people are capable of their goals. I will read, learn, speak, and be heard. I will support other women, and I will never stop believing that I and all women are capable of positive, powerful, meaningful lives of our choice.

As before, there’s a lot of work to do.

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