Pumpkin Challenge: Week 4

The last week of the Pumpkin Challenge was fairly unspectacular. We mostly relied on pumpkin beer and pumpkin kombucha to make it through the final week, although I did make Kimchi Poutine one night using Pumpkin Kimchi, and that was a hell of a meal!

For other pumpkin favorites, you can also cook up a batch of Pumpkin Nacho Dip (pictured), or craft some Pumpkin Ravioli, Pumpkin Bread, or Pumpkin Pancakes – we’ve enjoyed these time and again each fall.

In any event, fall isn’t over yet, and there is still many a pumpkin to be eaten! Jake’s mom always makes a classic pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I’m also looking forward to turning our decorative stoop pumpkins into pumpkin butter for the winter and holiday gifts. Until next year, I’ll be dreaming up more pumpkin recipes – perhaps a pumpkin pasta dough, pumpkin juice mead, or pumpkin ketchup…

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