All the Meals of the Week

I go on often about the wonders of home cooking. “Everyone should do it every night! You can find quick, easy recipes! The more you practice, the easier it gets! I truly believe those things, but I thought I might show readers what a week in the kitchen and at the dinner table really looks like for Jake and I beyond just a recipe here and there. It takes some work and planning ahead, but we get to have great meals that we eat together, and it’s worth it to us!

We usually plan a few days in advance based on what we have, and plan to receive our CSA veg, do some garden harvesting, and go shopping at the market or store for dairy and staples periodically. What we have on our shelves then becomes what we eat! We  usually make enough servings of each main dish at least for dinner and a lunch for each of us, if not more. We also do a lot of preparation, fermentation, and baking on the weekends to create products like yogurt, bread, kombucha, jams, and beer that we enjoy all week long.

Below I’ve listed everything we made and ate last week, including each breakfast, lunch, dinner, and projects along with serving sizes for a peek into how we really eat all week long! Servings and quantities are listed as (x#).


  • Projects & Prep:
    • Mole (40 oz)
    • Salsa verde from garden tomatillos (x32 oz)
    • Helbeh Fenugreek cake
    • Started sprouting mung beans (x8 oz)
    • Garden basil pesto (x12 oz)
    • Mashed potato (x16 oz)
    • Made yogurt (x1 gallon)
    • 2 loaves whole wheat bread
  • Breakfast: Bread from last week with jam (x1), kombucha
  • Lunch: Garden salad (x1)
  • Dinner: Tamales with beans, corn and cheese (x6) with Mole and Salsa Verde


  • Breakfast: Fenugreek cake with yogurt
  • Lunch: Tamale leftovers (x2)
  • Dinner: Gnocchi and Pesto with sauteed squash and tomatoes. Used pre-prepped mashed potato and pesto. (x4)
  • CSA: Picked up 1 pint raspberries, 1 bunch carrots, 1 bunch collards, 1 bunch kale, 3 onions, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 6 potatoes, 1 watermelon, 4 banana peppers. Leftover from last week we still have 2 beefsteak tomatoes, 1/2 green cabbage, 2 yellow squash, 4 ears corn.
  • Garden: Harvested 1 pint tomatillos, hot chiles, basil, 1 pint long beans
  • Prep: Crockpot split pea soup


  • Breakfast: Yogurt, raspberries, chili jam
  • Lunch: Gnocchi with pesto
  • Snacks: Pistachios, dried apricots, kombucha
  • Dinner: Split pea soup with bread (x4)
  • Dessert: Fennugreek cake


  • Breakfast: Yogurt, raspberries, basil
  • Lunch: Split pea soup leftovers
  • Dinner: Tamales with Mole and Salsa leftovers (x2)
  • Prep: Salad for lunch with kale, herbs, bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes, and canned tuna. Chopped veg and moved to two lunch tupperware. Mixed simple oil and vinegar dressing in separate small containers.


  • Breakfast: Grapefruit, yogurt, pistachios
  • Lunch: Kale salad and kombucha
  • Dinner: Tart with braised greens and caramelized onions
  • Shopping for milk, heavy cream, bananas, citrus fruit, bulk honey, bulk beans and nuts, shallots, garlic, ginger, and tofu.


  • Breakfast: Watermelon, yogurt, and mint
  • Lunch: Nachos with salsa, sauteed squash, fresh tomato, and garden herbs
  • Dinner Party!
    • Braised pork in coconut milk with Chiang Mai curry paste
    • Sauteed garden okra and long bean salad with soy sauce, ginger, and shallot
    • Bean sprout salad with fresh cabbage, garden Thai basil, shallots, and peanuts
    • Tart with a buckwheat crust using peach preserves with garden lavender
    • Dark & stormy cocktails with Goslings, lime, and homemade ginger beer
    • Chocolate cheesecake and crudite platter brought by friends!


  • Breakfast: Grapefruit, banana, kombucha
  • Lunch: Saturday dinner leftovers
  • Dinner:
    • Steamed buns with dipping sauce
    • Steamed green onion, carrots, and squash in a ginger garlic sauce
    • Miso soup with tofu, green onion, bean sprouts, and homemade brown miso
  • Garden:
    • Harvested chilis, acorn squash, muskmelon
    • Planted more radishes, beets, cilantro, parsley, and dill
  • Projects & Prep:
    • Soaked beans for vegan cheese experiments
    • Kimchi from leftover bean sprouts
    • Brewed & bottled 5 gallons kombucha various tea blends

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