Wineberry Hike

This past weekend we went on a family foraging outing for wineberries! Jake, Major and I went out for a morning hike to gather wineberries along a trail where I spotted them in Baltimore County. I’m no foraging expert, but do follow and check the great Edible Wild Plants guide. It’s an invaluable resource that I’ve learned a lot from referencing and observing over time.

We went out early to beat the heat, and just walked along and gathered berries into some containers that we brought along! The berries have been ripening for the past two weeks or so, and probably have another week left in their season, so we were right in their sweet spot. Not pictured here: I recommend that you wear close toed shoes, high socks, long pants, and bring gloves. It was thorny out there. We didn’t run into any poison ivy, but better clothes would have been more comfortable.

We were out for about an hour and half and gathered almost 2 quarts of berries over a 1 mile hike. They are delicious, like a raspberry but perhaps a bit more pleasantly tart and lemony. We also found some black raspberry plants that we’ll go back for in a week or so! Those were just starting to ripen.

At home that evening, I rinsed the berries gently just before we ate them. We enjoyed our harvest as a simple, luxurious desert topped with freshly whipped cream and maple syrup! Go out there and forage, with a proper guide and identification, of course!


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