Grilled Garlic Scapes

The past few weeks I’ve been eating garlic scapes from my CSA and the farmer’s market. Garlic scapes are the greens that garlic bulbs grow in the spring; many farmers trim these so that the garlic beneath will continue to grow as a bulb rather than divert its energy into greens and flowers.

Garlic scapes are absolutely delicious! I add them to pesto, salads, and stir fries, but I wanted to share this quick preparation. Grilled garlic scapes are a fantastic side vegetable with a grilled meal – texturally they’re like a grilled asparagus but have a lovely, subtle garlic flavor. I had these as an accompaniment to grilled scallops seasoned with sesame oil and it was an excellent and easy side veg.

This week I picked up a few bunches of garlic scapes from Hope Ridge Farm at the Fells Point Farmer’s Market. Hope Ridge grows beautiful produce, and I got a few other veggies from them as well that I used for a Spring Sprout Kimchi – that recipe, and another use of garlic scapes, coming soon! Grilling recipe below.


  • 1-2 Bunches garlic scapes
    • Use 2 bunches if the scapes are your only veg
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • dashes of salt and black pepper


  • Pre-heat a gas or charcoal grill to high heat.
  • Rinse garlic scapes and pat dry. Optionally, trim very thin, wispy ends – these will likely char while grilled.
  • Toss with the olive oil until the scapes are coated. Season lightly with salt and pepper.
  • Grill for 2-3 minutes until the scapes are just tender. Serve as a side or a snack.

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