Pantry Notes: 2015


Now that the growing season in Maryland has really ended, along with the year, I took some time to reflect on the food that I ate, gathered, grew, and put up for storage throughout the year. It was a lot!

Below is a rough outline of what I made last year. I’ve been using this as a guide to remember and update recipes and gauge how much food to make in 2016. It’s pretty cool to reflect on the variety and quantity of great foods I was able to receive this year!

In the spring I was primarily just having fun making jams and practicing canning, but as the year went along I focused more on preserving fresh veggies for winter use. Right now, my goal is to use the fruits and veggies that I preserved and limit my purchases of unseasonable vegetables at the grocery store. Some things, like onions or grains, I still purchase ideally at the farmer’s market, but happily I am using tomatoes, greens, beets, okra, eggplant, corn, green beans, and other veggies exclusively from my reserves so far.

It has been an interesting journey. I think regularly about how to plan around various plants’ seasons, preparing for future meals, and how to use pantry ingredients in a variety of ways. I feel in tune with the whole spectrum of the year, and it is exciting even while I realize there is still so much to learn! Jake and I have been enjoying our pantry so far, using pickled peaches in fried rice, creating brined eggplant ragu, or even turning prepared tomato sauce or gumbo into a quick and delicious meal. I’ve already started my new cycle of food by making miso on New Year’s Day, and I hope that 2016 will be just as tasty.

  • 4×16 oz Strawberry Lavender Jam
  • 3×16 oz Grape Jam with skins
  • 3×16 oz Carrot-Cardamom Marmalade
  • 6×8 oz rhubarb preserve
  • 3×16 oz mixed berry and rhubarb jam
  • 48 oz Juniper Sauerkraut
  • 48 oz Red Cabbage Sauerkraut
  • 32 oz Collards “Ethiopian” Kraut
  • Smoked 1 250 pound pig
    • May: Fed 50 people as a party entree
    • May-June: 3 meals leftover pulled pork for 4
    • May-December: 3 quarts lard
    • May-January: 3 gallons pork stock
    • May-November: 4 pounds frozen pulled pork meat (kimchi stew, pulled pork, pork pot pie)
    • November: pig’s head, including ears and tongue (served 10 as pozole)
  • 6×16 oz canned plum tomatoes
  • 2×16 oz strawberry lavender jam
  • 32 oz lacto dilly beans
  • 2×32 oz jalepenos in escabeche
  • 32 oz kumquat asparagus lacto pickle
  • 2×32 oz star anise/clove pickled beets
  • 4×16 oz bread and butter pickles
  • 4×16 oz zucchini relish
  • 3×32 giardiniera (canned)
  • 4×32 pickled peaches
  • 8×32 oz pickled watermelon rind (jalepeno, ginger, cinnamon varieties)
  • 12x16oz tomatoes: diced, whole
  • 20×32 oz tomatoes: juice, sauce, diced, green
  • 2×32 oz green lacto hot sauce
  • 32 oz pickled mixed garden peppers
  • 4×32 red salsa, canned
  • 2×32 oz salsa verde, canned
  • 3 pounds lacto fermented okra pods, whole 5%
  • 8 eggplants lacto fermented whole with 1 head garlic, 5%
  • 6×16 oz corn relish with bacon, butter beans
  • 48 oz juniper kraut
  • 48 oz red cabbage szechuan kraut
  • 32 oz burdock/radish kimchi with miso
  • 30×750 ml peach wine
  • 6×750 ml wild pear cider
  • 4×750 ml wild apple cider
  • 2×32 oz pumpkin and bok choi kimchi
  • 32 oz pumpkin marmalade
  • 3×750 ml watermelon vinegar
  • 2×16 oz cider jelly
  • 2×64 oz mead (1 sage, 1 lavender)
  • 1×16 dill herbed butter
  • 4×32 oz pumpkin and bok choi kimchi
  • 4×32 oz fennel and red cabbage kraut
  • 3×32 oz kombucha cranberry sauce
  • 3×32 oz turmeric kraut
  • 2×32 oz turmeric kimchi
  • 1 gallon wild apple cider
  • 32 oz fermented black spanish radish
  • 3×32 oz cranberry ketchup
  • 3×750 ml tepache pineapple ferment
  • 2×16 oz orange marmalade
Various frozen greens, green beans, corn, broccoli, diced potatoes, peaches, stocks, bones.

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